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    1. Character name:buuchan (mage &alo&segu) Map of location (DC / crash / cutting):dksq,ptm,BR Clients do you have to speak the message before the game ends?I am not good at English, so I will check here after dc and edit here. Description (? What happened it would be better more details):I do not do dc in DKSQ which first participates after logging into the game. After that I continue to participate · Randomly entering at low probability dc · Continuous participation of DKSQ will result in low probability dc · High probability at the end of the match dc ·
    2. buuchan

      Weekly PVP Event

      Thank you for always managing the game. By the way, is it possible to fight on Saturday?
    3. Your guide is wonderful. I read over again and again. Many people will want to make magicians! Magician's DKSQ is really fun. However, much effort is needed when winning with 1 vs 1. I think many magicians will be defeated at 1vs1. I am very happy when I can win because there are lots of defeats. The best merit of the magician I think is to say that the appearance is cute. I love it because everything including cute moments is cute! Thank you so much for making a nice guide!
    4. Thank you. Everyone is high and wonderful. Looking at pictures is fun.
    5. Fun time Thank you
    6. Countdown is pleasing! It is valuable. Thank you!
    7. I think that it is better to change the method of weapon destruction. The moment you double-clicked it, the weapon may disappear by mistake. I think it would be better to need character input such as disappearing. PD is very interesting! Thanks for GM's hard work
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