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  1. What kind of lesson do you teach? Mage What is your IGN? Boo Shan What do you think about the new balance patch? Deformation → This will slow down the operation. When it is applied to enemies, the range is narrow and the force is subtle. It is easy to use if you increase power considerably. If you do not raise the firepower, I think it would be better to raise the power boost ability's effect to 15 seconds. This is a long move. I think that I often use this skill separately from enemies. If we want to use it in conjunction with Spoil Divinity which has a slow foot, the time will be shortened if we include the travel time of time. Please add another 5 seconds. Elemental master → cute. However, it can not be used because the call is slow. Gravity collapse → It is possible to use kB continuously. However, because the power is weak, more I think that I need to raise my strength. We use magic with high fire power. I think this damage is small. In Japan, this skill had the ability to lower guard and critical resistance. Can this be implemented? Urzer Gain → I am satisfied. I want to have some unusual resistance even if there is desire. Divinity of spill → It is good. But I wanted to raise the resistance that this skill lowers it without raising power. Do you think you will get better? The mage depends on the existence of a ball and ghost time. In one-to-one, many survival probabilities are lost only by failing this once. Also, when you combine orb and ghost time skills, it is very important to detain people who have self healing. Also, because the attack speed is slow, even if it is strong it has a strong skill when you kill an enemy, it is difficult to beat down. DW's firepower is low, but the attack speed is fast, so you can kill enemies even if they escape. Even people with self-healing skills may be defeated simply by waiting for CT whose skills are lost due to lack of debuff. I think that we need defensive power like Urzer Gain. Gravity Ruin seeks the ability to reduce guards and critical tolerance. And when you use orbs, you are likely to go enemies far away. (Warp?) This is an important magician's skill. Please correct the phenomenon where the moving place is distorted. I do not think that magic should seek 1: 1 strength. However, comparing the success of DW with magical work, I think that improvement is necessary even for magicians even a little. I think the magician shines very well with DKSQ. I think that 1vs1 depends on the ability of people who operate it. However, I think that it is clearly inferior to DW at present. Magicians do a good job if all def defers are decided. However, DW does not fail in def file, wait for CT. Or b or Ghost time has a risk of getting a counterattack if the skill gives miss. DW can take on the attack skill first. There is a big difference in the risk of fighting countermeasures skills that make the same meaning to wait for CT. I feel that there is a big difference between the risk difference and the excellence I have. However, it is nice to see improvement. I am always thankful for your help. I will not do it well, so I would like to study various practice methods. Thank you very much!
  2. I am lucky to have a big event! Thank you
  3. buuchan mage 200lv MilkeTeaa alo 200lv japanese frend joka 200lv bagi {VIP} gorira 200lv ak
  4. I have been participating only in DKSQ and have not been to UC. The class has not been completed yet. But there is no dissatisfaction with the current system. I think that the most interesting thing in dekaornrising is DKSQ. And I think this is a fun task. All equality is difficult. But I think dekaronrising can be said to be equal. Japan's dekaron was unfair and the balance had collapsed. It is fun because the number of participants in DKSQ increased overwhelmingly. However, since the DKSQ event is interesting, it is fun if there are many holdings. Participation number I think that it is good to give items by remuneration. Or I think that there is a prize such as a baff item in the reward when defeating 30 people. Although beginners are often killed even when they first participate in DKSQ, I think that participation is fun by adding prizes to the number of participation. Not everyone who completes the class by the UC system will become strongest. I would like to enjoy the process of strengthening. Please also add squama enhancement in BR / PTM to DKSQ. I think that will be the goal of beginners. Many new players are difficult to upgrade first in BR · PTM. (There are days when the holding time is limited or not held) Since DKSQ is crowded, I think that it is good to add it as soon as possible. I think people will aim even if it is a large amount of P.
  5. This game is very fun. Discord is also lively. However, I think that there are few places for a complete novice support conversation in the game. My suggestion is to add a beginner support chat field to the general chat, guild chat field. This chat field can be a place for beginners to ask questions, search PTs, spare advanced users support them, feel free to recruit 1 vs 1 partner in leisure time, try DF recruitment I think whether it is good. If you are hunting outside the town you can not know the recruitment for hunting. I felt it was very convenient with a chat field for beginners in the game I was playing. This chat field allows everyone to see who's in rising channel. If you do not want to display it will not be displayed if you look at the general chat. I think that it is good to utilize it in my spare time. I also love disCORD, but there are times when a complete novice in the game does not do.
  6. Character name:buuchan (mage &alo&segu) Map of location (DC / crash / cutting):dksq,ptm,BR Clients do you have to speak the message before the game ends?I am not good at English, so I will check here after dc and edit here. Description (? What happened it would be better more details):I do not do dc in DKSQ which first participates after logging into the game. After that I continue to participate · Randomly entering at low probability dc · Continuous participation of DKSQ will result in low probability dc · High probability at the end of the match dc · DSQ After walking back to the town or MAP with high probability dc · When entering the PD, with considerably low probability, dc, · Ptm, BR are similar symptoms as DKSQ. In my guild where many Japanese are enrolled, windous7's buuchan, gorira, samurai 123 have lower probability of dc than other Japanese. Other Japanese more frequently at the time of dc.DKSQ event In my case 70% dc · When PTPV 1 vs 1 is running, it is low probability at the time of relog dc Can you reproduce the problem? (Do you can reapply again?no
  7. I enjoy adding items that are not capable as much as possible. How about sending fragments to those who participated in the siege? I exchange it for something with that piece. Siege does not go with a pure member and almost invokes support called reinforcement. It is possible to do large war by doing so, but afterwards everyone will return to their guild. I think that participating in each reinforcement (in case of defeat or losing) and getting something small prizes to people who came to reinforcements. If you lose a small piece. If you win a lot of pieces. I think the flag is pretty cute. But that means that you have to stay in that G. How about sending flags exclusively for reinforcements? The castle owner is a big gorgeous flag, what about supporters who send small flags by post? I was happy when the emblem was sent by old mail. There is a siege = call reinforcements. If this trend continues forever, I also want people who are in reinforcements to give something to participate. I am comfortable and entertaining to go on reinforcements myself. Many people call me to reinforcements and I am always having fun participating. I will continue to participate happily. I think that more people will participate by giving benefits to reinforcements as well. I am looking forward to the castle becoming active at the end.
  8. Japan time is so late that it is Saturday night. I think that it would be fun to become various members if it is holding alternately Saturday and Sunday. Thank you for organizing the PV tournament all the time.
  9. I opened it ten times and 8% came out twice and it was garbage. (I have not filled 8% yet as a weapon. Currently it is a problem that garbage is issued for 3 million points. However, obtaining an easy 8% will necessarily result in a population shortage of DKSQ. my idea is · Replace garbage premium with DSHOPbaff. (The price is 900,000 P.) · Resistance stones and attack stones separate BOX · Every time you exchange, I will GET one piece item and make it possible to exchange something with that piece item. · I think that around 6 million P is reasonable when absolutely 8% stone is put out. (Stone chooses by yourself) But ak is poor because it needs a lot of stones Regarding DKSQ, it is now crowded with 8%. However, when many people get 8%, the bustle disappears again, so increase the number of prizes at the DKSQ points. · Proposal for prizes · Enhancement of suquama, 180 plume enhancement (BR and PTM are impossible for beginners to collect coins) · Added random charge baffBOX · Addition of 190 neck random BOX · Added weapon change item random BOX Especially reinforcement of squama aims everyone because difficulty is different from BR even if DKP points are expensive settings. 8% I really want stones. But it is a lot of fun having many people coming to DKSQ now. I hope to add a lot of items so that I want to challenge DKSQ even after people got 8%.
  10. thank you XD I am looking forward to it!
  11. I have a suggestion on Dream powder. This was temporarily replaceable at half price at the time of implementation. Are there plans to make a half price period only once a year? Or how about events such as the drop rate increase period?
  12. buuchan

    Weekly PVP Event

    Thank you for always managing the game. By the way, is it possible to fight on Saturday?