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  1. Your guide is wonderful. I read over again and again. Many people will want to make magicians! Magician's DKSQ is really fun. However, much effort is needed when winning with 1 vs 1. I think many magicians will be defeated at 1vs1. I am very happy when I can win because there are lots of defeats. The best merit of the magician I think is to say that the appearance is cute. I love it because everything including cute moments is cute! Thank you so much for making a nice guide!馃挄
  2. buuchan

    New weapons and armor

    Heart shaped head emblem Emblem in the shape of a star Emblem of four clover's clover I think the emblem like a federation guild mark is also wonderful! I'm looking forward to more feet emblems. 路 How about adding color change items? I am happy that change of appearance will be enjoyable with color change such as costume, equipment, hair color etc. 路 Panda's costumes are very cute. I would like to wear other animals than panda! 路 How about holding a costume production contest? The user suggests the costume and the winner's costume illustration will be incorporated into the game's costume! 路 How about the ability to wear clothes to pets and animals? 路 Function to change appearance of TERA equipment with low level equipment rising is a wonderful balance as it does not add ability to items. I want you to make a wide range of appearance changes. Changing the appearance of weapons is fun. Please increase the width of appearance change more! Expect appearance change of many equipments, color change items
  3. buuchan

    Dekaron Fan Art Forum Event [WINNERS]

    Thank you. Everyone is high and wonderful. Looking at pictures is fun.馃挄
  4. buuchan

    dekaron 2018 06 04 00h 15m 51s 0387

    Fun time Thank you
  5. buuchan

    Summer Event Calendar - June 2018

    I love GM! I am looking forward to everyday.馃崠
  6. buuchan

    Patch 15.5: Bug Fixes, UI Improvements, New Launcher Feature

    Countdown is pleasing! It is valuable. Thank you!
  7. I think that it is better to change the method of weapon destruction. The moment you double-clicked it, the weapon may disappear by mistake. I think it would be better to need character input such as disappearing. PD is very interesting! Thanks for GM's hard work
  8. buuchan

    Weekly PVP Event

    thank you
  9. buuchan

    Duo Character Showcase Event Winners!

    happy! Everyone's fun to see the pictures nicely And thanks for a fun event Thanks GM!
  10. buuchan

    Weekly PVP Event

    I am very much looking forward to it. May I say one person's selfishness? Once in 2 weeks (a day without a castle) Is it difficult to host a Saturday night? same time. Saturday Sunday Is alternating holding difficult every week? (Example 1st Sunday 2nd week Saturday 3rd week Sunday 4th week Saturday) A very nice event and surely many people would like to participate. Some people may not be able to participate on fixed days. (In case of Japan it is late and the end time is unknown = very happy if there is holding on Saturday) I think that this event is the most fascinating and big event of dekaron rising. But this opinion is my selfishness because it will make GM busy. Because I am a selfish self opinion, please do not mind if it was impossible to realize. I am looking forward to being a weekend for many people to enjoy.
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    My magical teacher馃惥
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