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    1. zennou

      Balance Pt. 17

      Warriors! Balance Part 17 is here! As always these changes are a result of both statistics gathered from DK-Square, Colosseum, in-game PvPs, and more. Balance is a never-ending challenge and we appreciate your patience and feedback while we work on it. You may feel like a certain class is still overpowered or still underpowered, or feeel like the changes are insignificant. If this is the case, we will make more adjustments, but we like to take a slow approach rather than a drastic one. Like always to make it easier for you guys we decided to write the changes as following: Damage has been Highly increased/decreased = you will notice a big difference in game Damage has been Moderately increased/decreased = you will notice a difference in game Damage has been Slightly increased/decreased = you will notice a small difference in game Damage has been Very slightly increased/decreased = you will barely notice any difference in game ↑ = Boost ↓ = Nerf ♥ = Bug fix PvP = Player vs Player PvE = Player vs Enviroment (monsters etc.) - Segita Hunter Vulnerable point: ↓ Cooldown Increased from 5.6 seconds to 12 seconds ------------------------------ Wizard Mana Barrier: ↓Range Damage reduction,Melee damage reduction reduced from 45% to 35% Devils Armor: ↓PK tolerance reduction 3% to 2% ------------------------------ Segita Shooter Getbubbly: ↓Reduced defeat rate tolerance from 13% to 5% True Focus: ↓Flat critical rate reduced from 1000 to 800 Terrace Magic: ↓Health Buff reduced from 30% to 20% Impact Heating: ↓Cooldown increased from 55 sec to 67 sec Triple Shock: ↑ Damage increased Highly. Before: Decreases all magic resistance by 300 for 2.5 seconds After: Decreases lightning and and fire resistance by 700 for 5 seconds ------------------------------ Concerra Summoner Blitz: ↓Decreased 5 secs to 4 secs stun duration, ↑Increased success rate from 72% to 90% Achilles Burst: ↑Increased stun duration from 1.5 to 2.5 ------------------------------ Incar Mage Shield of Siz: ↓Decreased damage reduction from 77% to 65% Pinbless: ↓Defense % reduction from 10% to 7% ------------------------------ Segnale Wide Removal: ↓Increased cooldown from 4 seconds to 15 seconds Removal: ↓Increased cooldown from 1.8 seconds to 12 seconds Wide Sleep: ↓Increased cooldown from 75 seconds to 80 seconds
    2. zennou

      OPR Applications

      Rising Community We are are opening public OPR / Staff applications Anyone can apply, whole executive staff team will be reviewing these applications. Please fill up the form the results will be announced in two weeks. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_Vu6TD8YbTHICORaAWFSncrWoTTE_0CX55U7XCnqh9I/
    3. Siege Battle Scheduled: April 17th, 15:00 Server Time Warriors, As we prepare for the upcoming Siege revamp, which features 3 new Siege maps, we have re enabled Siege. This will show in game after the next update. The next Siege battle will be traditional style. After that, we will slowly implement additional Siege maps. Siege will now happen every week. Siege time will be 15:00 server time (17th,april)(countdown on launcher and below). However, with the upcoming Siege revamp we are looking into having multiple Sieges at different times. More info will follow if we make that happen. The castle will be undefended. Certain GM commands (such as /kick and /return) will be temporarily disabled during Siege. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.
    4. Warriors! Manual patch: ? White Crystalline Skin A new skin exclusively obtainable by competing in DK-Square has been added. DK-Square is the only way to obtain the White Crystalline skin. [Skin Diamond] Random Box has been added to P-Point exchange. Price: 15m PPoints Rewards: 100% chance to get 1 of the following items: [Skin Diamond] White Crystalline [Skin Diamond] Frost [Skin Diamond] Red Light [Skin Diamond] Sap [Skin Diamond] Tech All class new wings Commander Wings New costumes Royalty Costume (All Class) Treaser Costume (Segita Shooter) Wedding Costume (Segita Shooter) Rondow Emblems Rondow Emblem 3 Rondow Emblem 4 The Rondow Emblems are the best looking emblems we've added yet. Their stats are the same as other emblems and are intended for cosmetic purposes / character styling only. Rondow Emblem Randombox has been added to the D-Shop. 100% chance to get one of the following items: Rondow Emblem 1 Rondow Emblem 2 Rondow Emblem 3 Rondow Emblem 4 Balance Changes UI Updates Miscellaneous Increased droprate of Rondow Pieces from Rondow Whale and El Mar Tritone x2, lowered hp slightly on both bosses Increased Akris on Ark and Yuki channel to 8, dil droprate was increased from 5m to 8m Increased droprate in Ruins Of Baz on bosses Muldon and Lionheart, now you will be able to get more Tatum Mavrics than ever Increased amount of mobs in Shangri-La Sanctuary Fixed the issue where Dread Laiden ego would spawn in Shangri-La Sanctuary Fixed itemarmor minor bugs for multiple classes Fixed Dark Rondow costume which wasn't in D-Shop UI updates to character screen and skill screen Credits to [GFX]Doqen for new White Crystalline Skin [GFX]Saizu for the new character select UI and the new skill UI.
    5. Warriors! Manual patch: ? Segita Shooter balance and more Fixed a bug with invisible passive skills that were causing vitality to go over the limit and bug, giving Shooters an unpredictable amount of vitality (the passives were also causing critical rate to be maxed out) Fixed front and back dash cooldowns Fixed transup level requirement (we will be sending free skill reset to every shooter) Fixed mounts for Segita Shooter Segita Shooter Wings preview Now you can use all classic wings on Segita Shooter Miscellaneous Fixed Egutt drops for Segita Shooter Fixed teragrace helmet for shooter (NPC Mike 2 had wrong item) Fixed names for 195 level Shooter weapons (NPC Darin 2) Fixed textures for Rondow Whale and Tritone Fixed Missing Faded Obsidian earrings that were causing agency crash Credits to [OPR]FreeAgain for adding the wings and making wings preview
    6. Registrations are now closed.
    7. Hello Rising-Warriors, The much anticipated 2020 Class vs. Class PVP Tournament is finally here! Registration: If you think you have what it takes to become a true champion of your own class, then REGISTER now before it's too late! Simply send a reply in this thread with your in-game name, level, and class. You MUST be registered to be able to participate. You may register two different classes of your own. Registration ends on 25th of December Note: Finishing all 12 classes in 1-day is not guaranteed, so we will divide all 12 classes into 2-days. 26th of December - 13:00 (Paris Time) Aloken, Azure Knight, Bagi Warrior, Black Wizard, Concerra Summoner, and Dragon Knight. 27th of December - 13:00 (Paris Time) Half Bagi, Incar Magician, Segita Hunter, Segnale, Seguriper, and Vicious Summoner. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20201226T13&p0=195&msg=2020+Class+PVP+Tournament&font=cursive&csz=1 Rules: Entry level rounds of the tournament will be SINGLE ELIMINATION meaning that you only have to win once to advance. Semi-finals will also be SINGLE ELIMINATION. Finals will be Best of 3. All weapons and all weapon skins are allowed. All matches will be held on the Lurile Channel meaning you can NOT use any types of buffs/fish etc. What if I get disconnected and it's not my fault? You will lose. I am sorry but this can't be proven, and it's highly unlikely that you'll get disconnected in such a short period of time. What if the other guy was lagging? This happens very rarely and cannot be taken into consideration. People can't influence their connections and they're not doing it to gain an advantage. Also consider that their advantage can be your advantage too. You are only entitled to register TWO different classes (yes, we will be checking). Any more than 2 entries will be disqualified before we reach the event. -- Piloting another user's account during the tournament that you did not register for will disqualify you from the tournament. We WILL be checking this as well! Also, creating multiple forum accounts in an attempt to trick us will also result in disqualification. A reminder that many members of the DKR Staff Team will be supervising the event. Hacking or cheating will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification or bans left at the Game Master's discretion. Prizes: 1st Place Prize: 100,000 D-Shop Coins Your character name placed on your class statue in Ardeca 2x 4% PK-PVP tolerance gems or Critical resistance Champion Wings (365-Days) 2nd Place Prize: 50,000 D-Shop Coins 1x 4% PK-PVP tolerance gem or Critical resistance Note: Dekaron Rising reserves the right to make any changes to the prizes prior to the start of the event. If adjustments are made, they will be displayed here. Not only are there prizes for this event, but you walk away with the prestige and glory that you are one of the most powerful players on our server. Best of luck to all participants!
    8. Warriors! Manual patch: http://dekaronrising.net/update9ob2/ManualPatch.exe Winter Ardeca & Frost Glow ※Winter Ardeca theme has been applied ※Frost upgrade theme has been applied ※Snowman mobs added to Ardeca, low chance to drop [Rare] Snowman pet. Winter has come to Rising Frost Karke has awoken and invaded Under Crespo Frost Karke Difficulty: Hard Rewards: Dil, Grade Points Drops: Frost Skin Diamond, Santa Costume, Panda Costume, Santa Girl Location: Under Crespo (Main) Respawn: Every 4 hours Channel(s): Ark Credits to @Kingyyy for boss design. Limited Edition: Frost Skin Drops from Frost Karke Obtainable in D-Shop Credits to @Kingyyy for skin design. Limited Edition: Frost Wings Winter Colosseum Belt ※ The most powerful belt of the game that harnesses the power of winter spirits is making a return. ※ The belt is a Colosseum Exchange item and will automatically be removed from the exchange and all characters on on January 7th. Dream Powder Exchange: Winter Items Added ※ Santa Girl 15pcs - 150 Dream Powder ※ Santa Costume Box - 3500 Dream Powder ※ Panda Costume Box - 3500 Dream Powder Winter Spirit Costume Limited edition Winter Spirit costume has been added! Credits go to @Kingyyy for designing this! Note Halloween exclusive content and limited edition items have been removed Recent server stability issues will be resolved DK Square rankings have been reset (apologies for delay) Black Friday / Cyber Week sale will end on December 12 Stay tuned for some amazing new updates coming soon.
    9. I have sent you some coins, hope you will keep on improving the guide as you learn more about your class. ^^
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