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    2 questions

    Server is currently down, it will be announced on discord when it's back online. Thank you for your patience.
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    Salt guild just chillin.
  3. Hello Saitama, I don't think it's a good idea to add buffs to VIP. It is just one more extra variable that will compromise balance which we are working so hard to make good and also it would be considered "pay to win". Thank you for your suggestion though.
  4. Name: Harmonia Class: Dragon Knight
  5. zennou

    General Notion

    Dannyboi is lead of balance team that is true, but he doesn't fully decide on all changes that get pushed out. He may propose a change and job of balance team is to discuss it see is it necessary or right change at all, if balance team is in agreement with it at that point testing is done to see what are satisfactory numbers, numbers Danny has in mind maybe aren't good enough and get adjusted on feedback from balance team tests. That is mostly how inner works of balance go about changes. On other times changes that happen aren't even proposed by Danny but by balance team members, of course he has to agree with it so it actually goes to live server, but if arguments made about change actually make sense it will happen. example: Changes like aloken skill shock spear or mage ghost of time(change in mechanic of how stuns work) were proposed by balance team and were implemented to live server, I don't think anyone disliked those.
  6. zennou

    General Notion

    If people are interested in helping balance the game, they should apply for balance team. That is all.
  7. I somewhat understand your points, rebuffing on DK might be challenging since there are lots of buffs and durations are quite short, but with practice it gets easy. DK is balanced around short duration of buffs because fully buffed it's very powerful, it's all about timing, it's not necessary to have all buffs turned on at all times it kinda goes in phases. After all DK is burst dps/tank class when played properly on other hand if you can't manage buffs it's mediocre at both tanking and doing dps. Put in some practice it gets better. ^^ edit: I'll entertain your idea for a moment, if buff duration were increased whole class would need massive rework to keep it balanced. Imagine Tunreis 2 lasting 50 seconds for example kinda broken.
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  9. In my mind having 8% gems in dshop also is a good thing, having 7% gems never broke the game or economy. There are plenty of reasons left to play dksq (ranking,pp for colo/emblems )including just the fun factor which is main reason I personally play it.
  10. zennou

    Patch 19.5: Mini-Update

    thot backpack, very nice. would pay for it twice 10/10
  11. try installing this launcher should work afterwards
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    nothing atm