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  1. Registrations are now closed.
  2. Hello Rising-Warriors, The much anticipated 2020 Class vs. Class PVP Tournament is finally here! Registration: If you think you have what it takes to become a true champion of your own class, then REGISTER now before it's too late! Simply send a reply in this thread with your in-game name, level, and class. You MUST be registered to be able to participate. You may register two different classes of your own. Registration ends on 25th of December Note: Finishing all 12 classes in 1-day is not guaranteed, so we will divide all 12 classes into 2-day
  3. Warriors! Manual patch: http://dekaronrising.net/update9ob2/ManualPatch.exe Winter Ardeca & Frost Glow ※Winter Ardeca theme has been applied ※Frost upgrade theme has been applied ※Snowman mobs added to Ardeca, low chance to drop [Rare] Snowman pet. Winter has come to Rising Frost Karke has awoken and invaded Under Crespo Frost Karke Difficulty: Hard Rewards: Dil, Grade Points Drops: Frost Skin Diamond, Santa Costume, Panda Costume, Santa Girl Location: Under Crespo (Main)
  4. I have sent you some coins, hope you will keep on improving the guide as you learn more about your class. ^^
  5. It's disabled on c2, it was never intended to work on c2. Hope that clarifies your question.
  6. Server will be up very soon thank you for your patience.
  7. madlad, looking dope. i'll test it eventually.
  8. Hello, I understand your concerns but we don't ban people unlawfully, usually when multiple people get banned for vac hacking is because account sharing was involved. At that point it's very difficult for staff to detirmene who broke the rules and who is collateral damage. That is why DKR staff strongly advises against account sharing.
  9. Since no one is talking about actual topic. /locked