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    1. Updated! Added White Crystalline Skin, Emerald Skin, Red Crystallix Skin, and Metallic Crystallix Skin.
    2. Actually it is listed at the headline of the pop-up.
    3. Hey bootex, the entry-level for dksq was increased to 200+. So that's why you arent able to enter it
    4. You should be able to join it via the column "Discord" at the header of the hp. Otherwise https://discord.com/invite/c9Jnn4Cm9S
    5. Dose

      Premium Costume

      Hey, Costumes aren't increasing any stats or giving buffs. So it's perhaps just a visual bug. Referring to your question about the duration: It should be 365d for 8.7k dcoins
    6. Dose

      Doses WTS/WTT-List

      Idk, i say 70b, you say 60b and we agree on 65b?
    7. Dose


      Hey! Most of the fishers are located in "Draco Desert", since you can catch Malakites in these ponds
    8. Dose

      Doses WTS/WTT-List

      once again, up
    9. DKSQ is usually lvl 200+
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