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  2. Yes of course... I will tell my friend to enter his registration by himself then . name : {VIP}Abudunn class: Bagi Warrior
  3. name : {VIP}xXBatosaiXx class: Seguriper name : {VIP}Abudunn class: Bagi Warrior
  4. Clamot


    WTB 1x HP gem plz ign ? ^^
  5. It would be extremely nice if we returned to having more zoom out back *. * Thanks for your work.
  6. Helouu there, Abudunn here. Thank you very much for share. Im not upset at all... you play better then me and practicing much more, so i can only learn from u, and have fun toghether. You not the kind of player spit on the others when win. Have great game.
  7. Hi All , sry fo distrub, i would to ask you if it's possible to make all D-Shop mount the same speed ... For example Little Wisegon is 20% faster then the Turk Thank you very much . Have Great Day Game.
  8. Hi You can also get it from D-Shop: Or you can exchange 25 Daily Coins to Karin in Ardeca to get the 200% Boost:
  9. Hi all ^^ i would like to suggest new kind of emblems like angels and devils ^* some ideas:
  10. Sure, but i think you have to consider that introducing the perpetus will produce new work on balancing anyways, and i think it's harder to balance the pure class instead of made new ring for each class, maybe, in real it can make your work easier. You have to consider that not all ppl have the ring, right ? Should be better then 100%lach+100%squam, but maybe still better to work "little" more on first point , introducing new rings for each class. Should be a try. Have a Great Game
  11. Hi Everyone, I really appreciate the 201 lvl skills on Bagi. Soul Burn is the real Karon essence explosion <3, and the Hurricane have nice aoe dmgs also keeping alive the 'old' Torando skill, that i loved . I would like to ask , if you can think about OutRage Skill on Bagi. Personally i love that skill , and would be great if you can try to think about that and make it little more strong . Also, i think can be useful increase a little the Dead Spark from 7 to 9-10 hit ... Have a Great Game
  12. Hi everybody , i want to write , just couple of "basic" , personally, maybe stupid, ideas xD ... For example: Would be cool make the Bagi SwimSuit and some other costumes for each class just in different colour ^^ , like purple , Also Favnil Wings could be in much more colours Another thing in my mind is to have some monsters around the Dekaron world as a mount , like the Lava Salamander from DF ... in different colours , black purple ecc... or other monsters ehehehe I dont know if can be a confusion but , maybe someone like to have 'transup' suite all the time ^^ so could be exciting to have this as a costume ... the difference can be on animation of real transup. As The Panda Costume , can be fun have other beasts costume ...funny or evil About Wings i want to suggest to restyle all the classical wings ... bigger , shiny, coloured... and insert on dshop ..... Have a Great Game everyone
  13. WTB Bagi Sbv3 +10 Perf ign: {VIP}Abudunn Thanks ^^