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  1. Selling Cash

    Sorry need Dil or Mage gear only 14k cash left
  2. VIP not showing up

    Omega my point is that i HAVE vip on another toon if i wanted just coins i would have put it on her for the EXTRA 15% you completely missed the point sorry
  3. WTB +10 SigMetal Blue Staff FULL VIT

    Just as the title says im looking for perfect vit staff must be blue version for reasons
  4. WTB Perfect Hunter Osmium set +10

    How much are you looking for?
  5. VIP not showing up

    Hey i purchased VIP on my Summoner and it is not showing up i have done the following No friends list No guild and I only have four characters is the fact that i have a VIP character already messing it up? because if so i will want a refund so i can purchase point on my other VIP character P.S i saw no where saying that you could only have one VIP character
  6. 190 Dungeon

    Hey guys looking for people to run the 190 dungeon with not just once but every day to farm both exp and plumes if you want to join us please add me {VIP}Kite We are looking for members right now also
  7. what a warm welcome

    OK mate calm down please they already posted why we got dc'd and lagg and it has been fixed for now i'm not sure what the butterfly wings that came out weeks ago have to do with this situation If you had been keeping up with current patches alot of balance changes AND BUGS are being fixed so please don't talk rubbish
  8. WTB Perfect Hunter Osmium set +10

    Just as the title says wanting to buy perfect Orsmium +10 set for my hunter
  9. [Connection Issues]

    Thanks for the quick post Riku sama we all hope to get back to grinding soon or for some of us afking. Looking at you Atlanti <3 P.S get some friends
  10. VIP Donation Help

    Yeah it's all good {VIP}Kite if you wanna add me
  11. VIP Donation Help

    yeah i know that now i had some lvl 1 characters and deleted them i edited my post before saying it was not a troll thanks alot
  12. VIP Donation Help

    Are you trolling? lol Edit: Not even a troll thanks that worked and now i get why
  13. VIP Donation Help

    I'm having the same problem friends list cleared, I don't have a guild at all to clear yet....I got the 30k cash just no VIP tag
  14. Selling Cash

    Hey guys i'm buying VIP tomorrow and will be selling the 30k DK Cash that comes with it looking for around 10B for the lot PM me with offers, I will also accept hunter gear
  15. Coming back

    Cheers buddy, I'll hit you up in game as soon as i have reset my password ( Just waiting on Email )