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    1. Yes, just go to donate/vip, select the one you want and inputs your card information
    2. WTT/S 184 Vit rondow gloves for aloken =30b/ak similar value. Would possibly consider ak RW armor.
    3. WTB perf crystal arms and belt for aloken=300k dshop. Pm me on discord MichaelTruax#9980
    4. WTT perf mage set terra and FV 200 weap=cs/ak/alo
    5. MichaelTruax


      Can an upgraded squama be sealed and how much powder to do so??
    6. WTS DN ALO OSM set 3B, 195 FULL ID +10 2h axe 8B. AK MC2 HELM 8B Also have G P B OSM AK gears WTB +10 195 spear, and 195 guard, will trade any of the above items for weap and guard if that’s what’s wanted Discord is MichaelTruax#9980
    7. MichaelTruax


      Have perf ID 195 2h axe I can sell to you tomorrow add my discord MichaelTruax#9980
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