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    1. U realize its worth 4-5b?
    2. just pm me on: IGN: Hoedin Discord : Hoedin#4609 (faster way)
    3. I can sell u 3x max tears pm me on discord : Hoedin #4609
    4. Hoedin

      Wtb red solon +9

      Wtb red solon +9 i need 2 pm me ur price Pm me on discord : Hoedin#4609 ign: Hoedin
    5. Hoedin


      PM me ingame : Hoedin Discord: Hoedin#4609 (faster way bc of work)
    6. Hoedin


      WTS my perf fire cs tera set = 30b/$50vip I respond fastest on discord PM me ingame : Lyss Discord: Hoedin#4609
    7. If this is the case u should leave the stats the same as tera imo
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