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    1. IGN: Hoedin / SloppyBlowjob
    2. IGN: Hoedin / SloppyBlowjob
    3. wtt/s 10% curse = dill / $$ / 4% light 6% magic Pm me on discord: Discord : Hoedin#4609
    4. U dont need solons u can get the 180 necks aswel there a lot cheaper and do prittymutch the same The upgrade rates are fine imo if they would make this easyer it would kil the server I agree on the fact that all ranged classes atm (bc of rw) are to tanky
    5. just pm me on: IGN: Hoedin Discord : Hoedin#4609 (faster way)
    6. 20b for the tb Dm me on Discord : Hoedin#4609
    7. Pm me on discord: Discord : Hoedin#4609
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