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    1. Discord TheAmbassador#2651 Gloves > 182 Vit Bow > 328 Vit Price = 160b or 350$
    2. TheAmbassador


      Discord TheAmbassador#2651
    3. I'd like to talk to you about (Cherubims Nest dungeon),There are 5 Dungeons in the server, but only 3 are actives. 1- Treasure of Crespo (Exp) " deserted and there is no turnout by the players" 2- Tower of Spell (Exp, gold and some items) "There is a focus by the players to get exp and obtain some items like Dark stone and mana Crystal). 3- Ruins of Rudene (exp and solons) "There is a focus by the players to get some items like solons and mablary ring" 4- Ruins of Baz (115 AR gems and Grace of Arch ring) "It is witnessing the highest turnout by the players, because the ite
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