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    1. WTB Randow Red, Gold, purple and sky Necks +0 Discord: TheAmbassador#2651
    2. Name: TheAmbassador Class: Shooter Level: 210
    3. Discord TheAmbassador#2651 Gloves > 182 Vit Bow > 328 Vit Price = 160b or 350$
    4. TheAmbassador


      Discord TheAmbassador#2651
    5. I'd like to talk to you about (Cherubims Nest dungeon),There are 5 Dungeons in the server, but only 3 are actives. 1- Treasure of Crespo (Exp) " deserted and there is no turnout by the players" 2- Tower of Spell (Exp, gold and some items) "There is a focus by the players to get exp and obtain some items like Dark stone and mana Crystal). 3- Ruins of Rudene (exp and solons) "There is a focus by the players to get some items like solons and mablary ring" 4- Ruins of Baz (115 AR gems and Grace of Arch ring) "It is witnessing the highest turnout by the players, because the items inside it are among the most important things they desire". And now we come to the focus of our topic, which is (Cherubims Nest dungeon), It is considered one of the largest Dungeons in the game, but the players do not pay any attention to it, and it is rare to find people wanting to enter it, due to the lack of items in it, which are limited to (plume) only , knowing that they were entering it because of a basic thing inside it, which is MC2, I think that it is one of the most enjoyable caves in the game, and we should focus on it in the coming period, and I hope that the objects that are obtained through it will be updated, and here I put some suggestions: - I hope that with the next update, the possibility of placing gems on the wings or gloves will be added (HP/MP and Shield Gems) - Some of the resources we need to make some gears, (Just as an example: Solidernty Crystal, sap bottle) - add some of buffs potions. - some rings. Knowing that most things I can get through the DKSQ, And I think this reduces the fun, as there should be several options within reach of the player In conclusion, I hope that you will share with me your views and suggestions. [5:39 AM]
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