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  1. I have noticed that players tend to get to level 210, do some pking, dks, collo, bossing, etc, but then they tend to log off for long periods of time and maybe don't even log on after. What if there were a system where you could prestige your character after hitting level 210? Prestiging would reset your character to level 1, but you can keep all your stat and skill points. You also wouldn't lose the skills you've purchased (like the level 201 skills), but you won't be able to use them till you're back at the right level. This would allow for so much more endgame grinding and fun with the reward being becoming extremely more powerful. This would also allow Dekaron Rising to have new content come out with prestige dungeons with much more difficult mobs and cool rewards (exclusive costumes/skins?). DKS and Collo/Battle Royale/etc. would also be balanced by having new categories i.e. 190-210; prestige 1; prestige 2; etc. I don't know how many prestiges would be viable, but even just having one prestige available per character would open so much more opportunity for the future of this game. Share this or post on here if you think this would also be a good idea!
  2. Post here or message me in-game at {VIP}Tom42069
  3. Post here or message me in-game= {VIP}Tom42069
  4. Ghant

    WTS VS +10 Tera Parts

    ty for the note. fixed it!
  5. For sale: MC1 Two lines of vit Tera gloves with other 2 lines being 2% dmg Tera boots dn with poison res as last line Post here if you're interested in any or all of these with how much you're willing to pay. Message me in-game too if I'm on! {VIP}Tom42069
  6. Post how much you're looking for in dills/dshop/donation. PM me in-game too if I'm on! {VIP}Tom42069
  7. Post here or message me in-game= {VIP}Tom42069
  8. I'll buy the 3 hp stones if you still have. PM me in game - {VIP}Tom42069
  9. why is this skin diamond so expensive?
  10. Post here or message in-game @ {VIP}Tom42069
  11. Perf 200 tb, mc2, chest, and pants. Gloves missing last line of vit (3V), and tera +10 dn boots (not sbv3). Post here or PM me in-game at {VIP}Tom42069 if you're interested!
  12. Post here or message me in-game- {VIP}Tom42069
  13. i don't have other gears. plan on paying with just dills/donations
  14. Post here or message me in-game -> {VIP}Tom42069