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  1. Hello everyone, I am looking for a guild for both myself and my friend. We are looking to join a guild that does pve/pvp actively. We need help learning the game better, and I'm personally a dekaron noob, this is my first time playing dekaron. My friend has +10 osm with a +10 195 weapon, I'm 4 piece osm +10 and 195 weap +10.
  2. No, I'm only selling dshop items. If you need any dshop items let me know!
  3. Thanks for linking the guide. I appreciate your concern for a dekaron noob like myself! I hope you have a wonderful life
  4. Hello everyone, I'm selling dshop items 500m per 1k. I want to buy seguriper osmium gear +10 I need helm . I'm looking to sell some mats aswell, I have 41 pass mavrics, 16 Nium mavrics, 11 tatum mavrics, 28 copper argates, 38 silver argates and 1000 dream powder. My name on discord is Avaricedemon and my name ingame is Avaricedemon. Feel free to send me a message on discord or ingame or you can just reply to the thread! Thank you and have a wonderful day