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    how much for gloves
  2. Staff perfect mage

    hhow much dils
  3. Forum Signature Event Winners

    @[GM]Fayth go to discord /general section, lets talk
  4. Daily log in attendace coin

    play more than 2 hours a day then u get em
  5. New Forum Signature [Event]

    and the winner iiizzzz: ?
  6. Remove D Shop Buffs

  7. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    u know i wanna see some dils raining into my pocket?? starts from 2 bils, depends on what u want. pm me ur information if u agree.
  8. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    Does it look like it took 15sec to be done? We can discuss about my prices or just accept them how they are. "My horse, my rules"
  9. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    well then do it urself?
  10. New Forum Signature [Event]

    oh darling no it's all photoshop just had another idea of adding files without adobe after effects, since it's too complicated to me ps: i will share, should i win the price, since u remember me on my old friend
  11. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    well, i thought about going up with my prices, but there were only 3 guys who paid 3 bils for a sig. peple are greedy. it's too much for a private server they say, if this were a design company i'd pay they say ( ) and so on. there are many reasons. but they better safe the money and have some ugly pics in their sig.-areas.
  12. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    i'm doing it in my spare time. my spare time is very important to me, since i work hard and need time to relax..and my sigs are just dope. would u guys work for free without any charge? spending hours on something that may worth way more than "fun on doing sigs".. (btw i made 11 bils back in the days within 1 month..*heavybreathng*) if people want this, they pay for it.
  13. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    its not enough @Ceranon my prices start up from 2 bils, since its a lot of work tbh
  14. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    latest for @[GM]Fayth
  15. New Forum Signature [Event]

    have fun with it pinda