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    Pindarus , you really dont know nothing about hacks xd ,if you even tell me you never seen them its because only a stupid guy go with a skill hack to center of ardeca . Ofc it works and i had an friend used it for 1 year and never be banned . so stfu

    Like atm its easy hack , ive seen some scripts made by some of my friends , working aswell ( exploits ) So nitex dont add new things and be angry , and work to fix it !! or soon server will be the Hack world !
  3. getting 170 gear

    Wrong at majory yes but 180 weps is in heihaf
  4. getting 170 gear

    180 weps i think is Heihaf boss ! 170 gears in mitera boss 170 weps maybe in mitera too
  5. Ignorance is the best weapon to the haters !

  6. Block PK in Illipia&Oread!

    Nitex , i will report something happens allways to all the ppl . We are killing the bosses and in every time apear any a guy wanna a farm ( that´s okay) but we invite them to party and they leave and pk us when we lose alot of time in bosses . After it we change chanel as you said , and what happen again ? The same or insta PK . Its not all have time to be killing an boss , so iam at favor of non pk in maze and tomb (thats only my opinion)
  7. Block PK in Illipia&Oread!

    Ulquiorra u just talk because u have some nice chars ,ofc not all have it . I agree with this idea , non pk in maze and tomb or ppl be 30 min + killing an boss and some retard remmeber to go there and steel , it isnt fair so !
  8. Dragon knight broke this game

    ye , brokes and hard !
  9. Less people playing thease days?

    Summer there will be more players ? if they continue without answer in supp , help players with personal probs i dont think so . It makes alot of dif but i think they wont care but idk . I still playing rising , this is the unique pserver decent , i just wanna see this staff better one day
  10. daily reward system is broken

    yeah , me too i was 2 day fully on 24 hour and didnt received !
  11. Generosity King - BulkUp

    +1 king
  12. Deksu , the ak power :D

  13. What class recomend

    Im thinking about Concerra , i think is better then summy and with posion atk buffs its OP
  14. What class recomend

    Portuguese : eu sei ja tenho e raparei em muita mrda dele e nas novas skills English : Thanks for all opinions
  15. What class recomend

    Hey all I create this topic because i dont know what character is the best , i know all are good but have allways a better char then others and i want to know that . I see hunters , summys and alokens ops but i dont know what u recommend/what is more used for dk square , colo ,pvp and pk for that 4 typs have one better class allways .