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  1. jaskile12

    *** [FIX] [GUIDE] Slow Loading Windows 10 ***

    1 - At windows10 make sure your anti-virus allow dekaron-rising launcher/exe (its not only launcher) and allways make both run as administrator and with compatibility. 2- If it crash you, you may need add to DEP Exception's (but isnt the main problem for sure). 3 - Otherwise windows10 defender sometimes are not "solid" so if you allow dekaronrising and if it still crashes, just turn it off. 4- Make sure you have latest drivers and updates! 5- Add at firewall dekaronrising exception (sometimes you can have crash in launcher due to launcher connection) I hope it helps
  2. jaskile12

    [LIVE] New Forums Activated

    Nice job, that was already time to make a big changes as design
  3. Ignorance is the best weapon to the haters !

  4. Deksu , the ak power :D

  5. Thats good maybe if add 18% talis would be nice too Thanks anyway for this great event Nitex
  6. The dead only know one thing , its better to be alive ...

  7. Rising -- Summoner BTW

  8. Rising -- Summoner BTW

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