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  1. Hello Dekaron Rising warriors, I am proud to announce the new seasonal PvP event, in wich Rising’s community will have the ultimate decision upon the category of the PvPs for each season. Foreword for the first Season. Have you ever wanted to prove you're the best fighter? Now is the time to make history in Dekaron Rising, to achieve the ultimate victory your team has to win the majority of seasons by the end of the year, everyone will show no mercy. Instructions on how to enter: 1.You will need to assemble a Team with at least 5 members in order to qualify registration for all the tournaments of the first season. For every season you have the option to fight along new teammates, if you chose to, new leaders etc., however staying with the same team will surely entitle more pride when wining consecutive seasons and thus becoming a Legend. 2. Every Team should have a Leader, he is the only one that can make team related decisions during the tournament, including replacements that will require pre-validation from a GM. 3. Below you will provide the name of your team and Leader, alternatively you can use your guild name. Rules: 1. Any given player cannot be on different/share/help other teams once registered for a Season, you will have to wait until the season ends to switch teams. Breaking this rule will result in a penalty for your team aswell as the team you intended to help. 2. You can have up to 8 members in your team and season event, however depending on the format of the season Tournament, the team leader will receive a notification regarding the specific number of fighters that will be required for the tournament that will take place. 3. For a successful replacement you have to submit the desired change, at least one hour before the match, if needed you can select two possible replacements. Example: Azza vs Bon3 Replacements for Bon3: (User 1), (User 2) Replacements for Azza (User 1), (User 2). All Matches will be best of three for this event, we will need more than 5 teams. This seasonal event will have a winner’s bracket and a loser’s bracket so this means that even if you lose you will still have a chance to get back up and learn from your mistakes with your team. Brackets will be created using the following page: http://challonge.com/tournament/bracket_generator Time Zones will be Handled by [OPR]Adori. There will be Total of 10 Tournament events to determine the winner of Season 1 and, the community will decide the format of the tournament (1v1 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 and 5v5), after completing 10 different tournaments the team that ends up with the highest amount of points will receive prizes. (Prizes will all be decided by the Developer Nitex, to be discussed soon) any questions or suggestions please let me know. Anything edited from the post will be notified. 1 Place with a Total of 7 Points 2 Place with a Total of 5 Points 3 Place with a Total of 3 Points May the best Warriors win. Vote Registration will close in 5 days. Team Registration will be 2 weeks. Tell me what you think of the event down below [GM]LadyKawaii.