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[Patch 12.3] Winter Contents Patch Part 1

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1 hour ago, Nitex said:
  • Half Bagi
    • Vampire Dance: Casts 2x faster with 10% more damage
    • Frenzy Dance: Casts 2x faster
    • Deadly Blow: Casts 2x faster with 10% more damage.
    • Beristo: 10% more damage 
    • Madness Rage: Casts 2x faster with 10% more damage 


the only problem about that is  hb was op already ppls cant play shit no sweet talk anymore ppls are completly crap at all classes + hb wasnt effected from the pvp dmg decrease + got a buff now, @Nitex i rly begging u rn to think about it, take a breath and rly think about that change

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