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[Patch 12.3] Winter Contents Patch Part 1

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48 minutes ago, Nitex said:

Not only do we already start players with +9 130 sets and weapons, but we've made it easier to get gear. Tera is still a relatively new set, but it's extremely easy to get Osmium while you build Tera. 

hey he making a joke, u know +9 and +7 osm doesnt gve too much different, so yeah what u thought is bullshit reallity it dosnt give a shit help, not even a liltle bit
so maybe im god i even do plvl back those day just for fun,

do some ur own research in-game, b4 u thought u give a hand and b4 u see some shit flying

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2 hours ago, Roasteed said:

the only problem about that is  hb was op already ppls cant play shit no sweet talk anymore ppls are completly crap at all classes + hb wasnt effected from the pvp dmg decrease + got a buff now, @Nitex i rly begging u rn to think about it, take a breath and rly think about that change

wtb op hb set

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Tera Drops - Let's also add more drops to the mobs in Arcadia and make them  drop at a good rate.  Let's also increase the rates for the drops currently there.  People will farm there if it is rewarding, no one wants to see one or two drops after farming there 30 minutes with a full party.  Especially with so many items being in the drop table for the same classes (The million AK WEPS), makes it harder to find what you're looking for.  Don't know what the OSM rate is right now, but let's increase that as well.  Gears should also stay at Mike.  Need as many ways to get geared as possible.

Argate and option rate increase - Do it.  I know we want to make money, but we need more competition right now.  Only way we are going to create new competition is if more people have sets.  With the holiday season coming up, people being out of school/work, also our big patch coming at the start of the year, many people will be coming here for the first time or returning. .  We got siege coming up this weekend, and it's the same group of people who've been going with new guild tags, most these people aren't even in the guilds they are going with.  This is ridiculous.  No guild on this server has a solid 30-40 loyal members right now.  Only way this changes is putting new blood in the server.   Let's make sure they STAY by ensuring they can create a set and get to the end game here quickly.  More people would be willing to spend on the costumes and other stuff you implement as well as items to help them gear even faster if it's rewarding.  Too many people end up trying to gear up the slow route and just quit altogether, often times taking friends and potential users with them.

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