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whats the best stats for black wizard


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15 hours ago, Dannyboi said:

I also prefer full heal for wizard.


On 12/23/2016 at 0:42 PM, Stinson said:

pure heal

Dont bully the newbie guys, as pure heal he cannot wear any weapon. :D



15 hours ago, Chronos said:

Nerf Tsunami & AzaNezz pls.

Theyre the End Game Bosses in the Last Part Story of Dekaron. ;)

For the NewBies and for Balds. :D

Stats is Part of Dekaron GamePlay. It does not matter too much what your stats is, but...your GamePlay depends on your Stats. 

If you do Heal Build or Weapon Build Stats, it means you will have minimal dmgs and your GamePlay should be Disabler or Debuffer somehow. (You can Tank somehow in this Build)

If you do Damage Build or Spr Build as Wiz, it means you will have high/huge dmg  and your GamePlay should be Nuker or Dmg Maker somehow. (You get KB easily and Easy to kill in this Build)

If you do Balance Build or Half Heal Half Spr as Wiz, it means you will do both or dependable of the Situation.

As a Wizard you should know how to Kite every skills in the Game. :)

Merry Christmas everyone! 

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Hi, I used Black mage for quite a while, and the first thing I suggest is putting by default the 35 str for the 195 Weapon and you need 447spr to weield it. What I recommend on stats wise is depending on your playstyle I am all damage.  You should just use 200-400 Health and Rest on SPR. You as a player should decide more. But have in mind black mage are not resist damage to be tanks

You have Fast DPS and Good Mobility for Kite. If you need help on skill wise I could gladly help. Welcome to Rising and Have fun. 

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