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Realistic event Ideas/suggestions for the new server

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Since it's a new server, I'm opening up this to the community to contribute their ideas and suggestions for events you would like to see happening here on this server. 


I will name a couple of events that everyone probably knows already 

- Hide and Seek Event

- Player vs Nature Event

- Boss Spawn Event

- Last Man Standing Event

- Last Party Standing Event

- Crespo race Event  

-PK the GM Event

- Trivia Event ( About Uprising A9 server)

- Scavenger Hunt Event 

- Pinball Event

- Obstacle race from one end of the map to the other end ( Included traps )

- Bonus deadfront ( deadfront winners will get extra prizes for winning and completing DF)


Player's ideas 

-Dil art Event  :D

-in game best screenshot event  :D


Now I'm going to leave it to you guys to contribute ideas and seriously, don't give stupid ones like giving out free stuff event etc. You will have to earn it by winning events. Nothing falls from the sky.


Your ideas will be considered and possible be selected to be one of the events that we host 

on this server.



[GM] Matrix 

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The problem with those is that there are so many people and it is really hard to accommodate everyone.

Well can't we have multiple in different spots? Like one drops argates, one drops 170 weps, and the other can be for exp.


Or have a pvp event and who's party wins gets like a free df.

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